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Bad advice on IPv6

Logan G. Harbaug of PCWorld: > A lot of coverage of IPv6 over the past few years gives the impression that you need to switch to IPv6 soon. That's not necessarily the case, though, especially for a consumer or a small business.

> However, it may be at least three to five years before the average small business needs to work on this.

I think many people will disagree with his argument. Not taking action soon enough on IPv6, is just going to cause people to be unprepared when it is required.

Consumers and Small Businesses would only replace hardware (and software for that matter), after the previous one has had a very long lifespan. (Hell, I know people who are still using Pentium 3 Desktops!). So to say to them "don't do anything now, do it when everyone else is ready", will mean that when it is ready, there will be a mad rush to get it sorted, and there will be no "smooth" transition (and probably cause more issues!).

So please, plan your next Software and Hardware purchases in mind of them needing IPv6 support. Chances are half of what you have, won't have IPv6 support yet.