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Site Redesign

I have just finished publishing the <> site, and will be shortly preparing to change the way I go about using this site for "blogging" purposes. (I.E, expect more content, with a more informative view).

There will also be some fundamental changes to the backend of this site soon as well, such as going from Apache to Nginx, and MySQL to Postgresql.

Avid viewers will note that certain parts of the site, such as the TV Calendar have been removed. This was mainly due to it lacking to it's competitors, such as <>, and the need to have this separate TV Calendar stay around was low (and the time it took to manage it was too high).

It's possible there may be a refurbished TV Calendar type site come back in the future, but it will be read only.

Also, I have taken the effort to move all my previously Link DB off Delicious and leave it on my own site, as there is the chance Delicious won't be around next Christmas.

Additionally, any previous posts have been 'Archived', and are hidden from the front page. They are still accessible via the category listings, (and direct URL), but this is all.

Stay tuned for more updates.